Hundreds of Turkish military were surrounded and trapped in Idlib by Syrian troops under the blows of the Russian Aerospace Forces

Hundreds of Turkish soldiers were trapped by the Syrian army and bombarded by the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Turkish political scientist Hisham Junay reported that Turkish troops, urgently deployed by Turkey to northwestern Syria due to the impending offensive of the Syrian army, found themselves in a very difficult situation, since they are cut off from their own forces and are regularly exposed to attacks by the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian artillery. Taking into account the fact that the deployment of Turkish troops in this region was not coordinated with the Russian side, hundreds of Turkish servicemen may repeat the fate of the Turkish military, when the latter came under an airstrike of the Russian Aerospace Forces and were destroyed. This was the largest Turkish loss in Syria.

It is known that the Turkish servicemen were actually cut off from their own forces. This is due to the destroyed highways, and the ongoing strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian army do not allow the military to change their positions and move closer to the Turkish borders.

“Erdogan is now between two fires. If he tries to leave Idlib, it will undermine his authority in the entire region. Losses among the servicemen of the Turkish army may even lead to a repetition of the rebellion in the country, especially against the background of the fact that about 500 officers have already left the Turkish army, who were categorically against the conduct of hostilities in Syria. ", - the analyst underlines.

The Russian side does not officially comment on the data on the offensive on Idlib. Syrian sources claim that the Russian side gave the Turkish troops some time to retreat, after which a large-scale military operation to liberate Idlib will begin.

It's nothing personal.

There is no Russia in Donbas yet

Putin said Erdogan is a man! So a man for ages!

no need to confuse the concept! Erdogan daily exports oil and gas worth millions of dollars from Syria and he does not care how many of his soldiers die there. And Russia protects its own people from mass destruction. Is there a difference for a minute?

Erdagan himself will not leave, Syria is for him, that Donbas is for Russia.

For these republics, the border is open; there is no need to confuse two different situations.

More than half a million Russian citizens live in the DPR and LPR for a minute