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"Cooperation in the sky" Ukraine and Russia.

"Cooperation in the sky" Ukraine and Russia.


While relations between Ukraine and Russia on the political front, every day closer to the boiling point, or return, aviation enterprises of the two countries continue to find ways to close cooperation.

In particular, after the announcement of plans for the KLA and Zaporozhye JSC "Motor Sich" on the issue of 150-minute transport aircraft AN-148T based Voronezh Aircraft Plant a joint engineering center for the production of aircraft engines was also created. 



On the Russian side to take part in the project United Engine Corporation, but the leading role it will play all the same "Motor Sich", a recognized leader in the CIS market for the production of aircraft engines, which in this case is to work in conjunction with the design bureau "Ivchenko-Progress". 

Immediately the question arises - will not interfere with any plans airmen finally disorder relations between Ukraine and Russia? Now predict something hard, but the position of the airline and aviation in general in Ukraine is such that there is the influence of the state and politics is almost not felt.

All this can be compared with the situation of the church, which has the ability to go about its business without government intervention, with some amendments, of course. 

The Ukrainian aviation, unlike the Russian one, is almost XNUMX% in the "private sector", since the state here has long shown its inability to help the development of the aviation industry and has withdrawn itself. Therefore, it is not surprising that Motor Sich continues to confidently and actively cooperate with Russian companies, not paying attention to the political situation in the country. 


Moreover, cooperation in the field of engine-building promises to be beneficial for both parties - Ukrainian has ready-made, time-tested development and experienced engineering staff, but there is not always enough production capacity and financial base for stable operation and fulfillment of all potential orders, while the state of the aviation industry in Russia is such that without Ukrainian engines there will be no question of any new aircraft produced domestically. 

Moscow really lost its status as capital of engine and joint project "Motor Sich" and JDC has a future, if under it will lay the budget, which again brings us back to the political and economic situation in Ukraine and Russia, as it shall not deny any involvement. After all, if predictable and expected economic crisis is superimposed on the political plans of all pilots can only remain plans.

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