Employees of the Federal Air Transport Agency removed 59 planes and helicopters from Russian jurisdiction - now they carry military cargo for Ukraine

The Russian Federal Security Service opened criminal cases of negligence and abuse of power against several employees of the Federal Air Transport Agency. This decision followed the discovery of facts of the illegal withdrawal from Russian jurisdiction of 59 aircraft and helicopters, some of which were subsequently used for military assistance to Ukraine. The incident, which received widespread public attention, raised serious concerns about Russia's national security and the potential military harm caused by these actions. Such data приводит Izvestia publication.

Searches conducted at the central office of the Federal Air Transport Agency on February 7 revealed items and documents confirming the illegal actions of employees to deregister aircraft. The investigation focused on I.O. the head of the Flight Safety Inspection Department Kristina Byvalina and the deputy head of the department of state registration of civil aircraft Petr Kozyrev, as well as Byvalina’s former deputy Anna Zhiltsova.

This case raises questions about the control of the movement of strategically important aircraft in wartime conditions and about the measures taken to prevent their use against the Russian Federation. It is noted that a number of aircraft, including Il-76 aircraft and Mi-8 helicopters, were withdrawn from the country and used in the interests of Ukraine, which emphasizes the need for stricter regulation of the export of military-essential goods and technologies.


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