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Transaero employees hold a protest action

Employees of the airline "Transaero"Will hold a protest action in Omsk.

According to news agency information, the protest action of employees of the airline "Transaero" is mainly connected with attracting public attention to the violation of labor rights by the leadership of the Russian air carrier. Among other things, the protest action is also connected with exerting pressure on members of trade unions, which is considered inadmissible under current conditions.

Official information about the upcoming protest from the leadership of the airline has not been received, however, according to the protesters themselves, the action is exclusively peaceful, and the operation of the air carrier will not be affected in any way.

According to the source, who wished to remain anonymous, to date management of the airline "Transaero" has a strong pressure on cabin crew and flight attendants, which naturally affects the physical and psychological condition sotrudnkiov carrier.


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