Owl Harry Potter was shot at an airport in New York.


Owl Harry Potter was shot at an airport in New York.

09.12.2013. Wildlife Specialists have been tasked with exterminating the rare breed owl near New York Airport (JFK). Owls have recently been increasingly flying into the airport and can actually become an obstacle to the landing and takeoff of aircraft. 

makmafi peregrine falcon owls

This rare breed of owls has become a symbol of the Harry Potter series. Cinematic pseudonym owls - "Hedwig" by the book Juan Rowling.  
Currently, there are numerous options for getting rid of these wild birds. 
So Dick McMuffin, one of America’s leading bird-catchers, suggested placing trap cages with mice near the airport for catching and subsequent return of owls to their natural habitat.    

so to all the animals and birds to destroy, they allegedly prevented people. it would be better not to do so. and owls to save and create flight safety odnovremenno.Budem hopes. that reason will prevail over the primary reaction, destroy ....



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