Advisor to the President of Turkey: "We do not buy Su-35 - this is a mistake"

The Russian Su-35 was too bad for Turkey.

The head of the Turkish Defense Industry Directorate, Ismail Demir, speaking about the situation regarding the purchase of Russian weapons, said that Su-35 fighters, which have not been sold to Ankara so far, turned out to be too bad for the Turkish Air Force, and therefore, about them buying can not be discussed.

“Demir said that the F-35 and Su-35 aircraft do not have any similarities, except for the number of 35, and emphasized:“ These are not interchangeable aircraft. To say that we are buying something is wrong. The other side wanted to make an offer, we are also considering this proposal. On the table are new options, but which of these options is better - we can’t say. Buying information Su-35 misleads public opinion ”, - cites the publication "Anadolu»

Noteworthy is the fact that Turkey does not comment at all purchase of Russian Su-57 fighters, although initially this combat aircraft was positioned as equal, if not superior, to the American F-35 fighters, however, obviously, this option also did not suit Turkey, since Ankara does not even talk about acquiring fifth-generation Russian fighters.