Zelensky's advisor proposed to strike with tactical missiles in Moscow

The adviser to the President of Ukraine offered to attack Moscow.

A freelance adviser to the head of the Ukrainian president's office, Arestovich, said that further deterioration in relations between Moscow and Kiev could lead to the fact that Ukraine could use tactical missiles to strike the Russian capital. According to Arestovich, this may happen in the near future.

“Putin will end up playing to the point that Ukrainian missiles will be directed to Moscow in some foreseeable future for one simple reason that we are working on a missile program. And our missiles of the operational-tactical level will be able to reach Moscow. These are parity actions in response to Russia's actions. If there hadn't been this aggression, Ukrainian missiles would never have been directed at any Moscow. "- said a freelance adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Arestovich.

We are talking about direct threats from Ukraine to attack Russia, which could lead to a repetition of the situation with the operational transfer of a 100-strong Russian army to the Ukrainian borders for a prompt response to any actions of Kiev.

As for the Ukrainian missile program, experts call Arestovich's statement a bluff and fantasy.

“The only thing Ukraine has so far managed to achieve is to convert the Soviet cruise missile into the so-called Neptune missile system. Conventionally, there is only about 400 kilometers from the Ukrainian border to Moscow, but judging by the fact that the Ukrainian Armed Forces still use the Soviet Tochka-U OTRK, the creation of OTRK with a range of over 400 kilometers will become available to Kiev in no less than 7-10 years ", - the expert marks.

"Kvartal-95", version 2.0. Funny as always.

Bind the dog, otherwise they may misunderstand ...

It seems that not a single sane person is left in the government