Shot down a drone


The Soviet missile P-73 was hit by a Saudi drone. Video

Hussites continue to masterfully shoot down Saudi drones with Soviet missiles.

A few minutes ago, the resource turned out to be a video recording of the moment of launch and destruction of the Chinese-made Wing Loong unmanned aerial vehicle. In the destruction of the drone was used by the Soviet rocket R-73 "Archer" launched from a platform on the ground.

As shown in the video frames, the rocket fired by the Hussites left the Saudi assault drone no chance to hit it exactly. Experts pay attention to the fact that it is not about the use of a portable anti-aircraft missile system, as originally stated, but about the launch platform, as indicated by the fact that the terrain with the location of the launcher is carefully hidden.

It should be clarified that since the beginning of this year, the Hussites, thanks to Soviet aircraft missiles launched from ground-based installations, have destroyed at least 5 Saudi unmanned aerial vehicles. Moreover, given that the rocket launch was filmed well in advance, it can be assumed that the Hussites also have radar detection facilities.