Soviet missile shot down an F-15 fighter

An unknown Soviet missile destroyed an F-15 fighter on the border of Saudi Arabia.

As a result of a direct hit by an anti-aircraft guided missile (according to other sources of an aircraft missile launched from a ground-based launcher - approx.ed.), An F-15 fighter was destroyed on the border of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. According to current data, the combat aircraft belonged to the Saudi Air Force - the pilot died.



According to information provided by Yemeni rebels, the F-15 fighter violated the boundaries of Yemeni airspace, resulting in firing on it. Considering the fact that the Yemeni rebels are not equipped with air defense equipment, we are obviously talking about the next use of a Soviet-style aircraft missile fired from a ground launcher, which, by the way, is confirmed by several sources on social networks.

Earlier, the Hussites had already been repeatedly seen using Soviet aircraft missiles, however, until now exclusively unmanned aerial vehicles were affected. However, given the fact that the F-15 fighter was timely discovered and destroyed, it is clear that Yemeni rebels are closely monitoring their airspace.

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