Rocket blast


Soviet rocket breaks invincibility of Israeli missile defense system for billions of dollars

Soviet rocket dishonored Israeli missile defense system.

After the publication of information that in the summer of 2018, the Syrian military seized the surviving Israeli missile defense system "David's Sling", the current situation forced experts to criticize the Israeli missile defense system. This is primarily due to the fact that the Tochka tactical missile launched from Syria was able to successfully circumvent one of Israel’s most advanced missile defense systems, as it is positioned in Tel Aviv itself, although the OTRK is 45 years old.

“I will simply say: this is a shame. A real shame for the Israeli army. Obviously, they were very carried away by the criminal bombing of Syria, once made such a mistake ”, - expert of the Center for Military-Political Journalism Vladimir Orlov.

“One of the two missiles simply failed during the flight. She was not even able to capture the target, not to mention how to hit her. One can only imagine what would happen if, instead of the Soviet Tochka, it was a ballistic missile with a nuclear charge. In fact, the Soviet missile simply broke the success of the Israeli missile defense system, showing that this system is not effective as such. ”, - the expert marks.