MLRS strike


Soviet MLRS "Katyusha" shot the American base 17 missiles

The American military air base was attacked by the Soviet Katyusha.

A few hours ago, the US military air base, located near the Iraqi city of Mosul, was subjected to powerful missile fire. At the moment, it is not known who exactly was behind the attacks on the military base, however, it is reported that the attacks were carried out by the Soviet Katyusha MLRS, which appeared in the 40 of the last century.

Due to the fact that several Soviet multiple launch rocket systems had the name Katyusha, it was very difficult to establish which MLRS attacked the American military base.

Despite the fact that an American military base was hit by 17 missiles, it is known that they all fell outside the perimeter of a military facility - according to the American side, there were no casualties, injuries and material damage.

Specialists, in turn, note that multiple launch rocket systems were seen in service with the Popular Mobilization Forces, which actively support Iran, but this side did not take responsibility for the attack, and it is possible that Kurdish formations could also be behind the attack.

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