American F-35 fighter


Soviet fighter aircraft surpassed the American F-35 for a number of indicators

The American fighter 5-th generation was worse than Soviet fighters and ground-attack planes.

The modern American fighter F-35, on the development of which about 400 billion dollars were spent from the state budget, turned out to be helpless even against Soviet fighters and attack aircraft. The only thing in which the American combat aircraft was able to surpass domestic aircraft was the effect of surprise with the use of long-range weapons, moreover, the chance of hitting targets in this case was only about 67%, which is not enough to ensure proper airspace security.

Among other things, American military experts have revealed one very interesting pattern - in four tests, domestic fighters and ground attack planes managed to destroy up to 3 American aircraft before such a chance appeared in American pilots.

At the moment, American military analysts have seriously thought about improving their 5 fighter generation, increasing its maneuverability and increasing weaponry.