Fighter F-35


The Soviet complex shot down two American fighters - the pilots ejected

The Soviet complex "lowered" two American "stealth" fighters.

The Soviet complex, deactivated 18 years ago, turned out to be so effective that from a distance of several hundred kilometers, with a relatively small interval, it "dropped" two American fifth-generation fighters at once - initially the F-22, and then the F-35. The pilots managed to leave the combat aircraft in a timely manner, however, apparently, the Soviet complex was successfully launched.

At the moment it is known that we are talking about a complex in the territory of Lourdes, whose work was stopped in 2002. The complex is a means of electronic reconnaissance and electronic impact, intended for work in the state of Florida. According to the information resource "Russian News", it was this Soviet complex that shot down two American fifth-generation fighters a few months ago.

“Thoughts on the return of this radar have been for a long time, and after the talks between Putin and the Cuban authorities in Havana, it was decided that it would go back to Russian use. The first step was to de-mothball the center, but the initial inspection immediately showed that it was necessary to start work on its renovation, because technologies have been developing rapidly since that time. The modernization was successful, super-technological systems were immediately installed. The radar was planned to be used for its intended purpose. Proceeding even from the extent to which Russia's weapons are superior in terms of equipment and technologies to their competitors, it can be concluded that the updated radar in Cuba may be involved in this. Some experts suggest that the fighters fell due to the strongest radio waves emitted by the Russian center in Cuba. "- сообщает "Russian News".

Nevertheless, experts draw attention to an important feature - the center does not officially work, although it is possible that the Russian military is actually present there.

TV show "Unobvious and incredible"

It is very similar to the report of the US Department of Defense, "with a high degree of probability Russia and Cuba are to blame", there is a formal reason for retaliatory actions, now you can carry out a military coup in Cuba and blame the Kremlin for it.