Fighter flight


The Soviet MiG-23 aroused admiration for flying at unrealistic speed between buildings. Video

The MiG-23 supersonic fighter swept through the city block at ultra-low altitude.

At the disposal of the resource was a video that captures the moment when the MiG-23 supersonic fighter, armed with the Libyan National Army, demonstrated its capabilities. The combat aircraft flashed at high speed over the city blocks, almost touching the roofs of buildings and abruptly went into the sky, which caused genuine admiration.

In the video frames, you can see the footage in slow motion, where you can see how the pilot dashingly and very professionally passes over residential areas at incredibly high speed, while managing to maneuver. The last seconds of the video show the real speed of a Soviet supersonic fighter, which soars into the sky with an incredible roar.

MiG-23 fighters have proven themselves not only in Libya, but also in other countries - today the largest operator of these combat aircraft is Syria, and in addition, at least 10 more countries continue to actively operate these supersonic aircraft, capable of developing enormously huge speed of 2500 km \ h., which is beyond the power even of modern combat vehicles.