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The Federation Council of the Russian Federation proposed to place strategic missile-carrying bombers near the US borders - forever

The Federation Council of the Russian Federation proposes to place Russian nuclear bombers near the US borders.

The Federation Council of the Russian Federation has come up with an initiative to transfer Russian strategic missile-carrying bombers Tu-160 and Tu-95 to the US borders, in order to demonstrate their readiness to launch strikes in response to any provocations by Washington near the Russian borders. Judging by the current political situation in the Western Hemisphere, only Venezuela or Cuba can become the bases of Russian bombers, while, as experts note, in this case, the missile carriers will only need to take off in the air to strike - cruise missiles with nuclear warheads and a range of more than 5 thousand kilometers will be enough to successfully bomb half of the United States.

“Russia can force the United States to change its mind about strategic aviation flights over the territories of Ukraine,” said Franz Klintsevich, a member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation. Such actions by the US military are contrary to international agreements and security rules, Klintsevich said in an interview with the Federal News Agency. According to him, the Russian leadership will not be idle and will react accordingly. He added that there are states near the US borders where Russian strategic missile-carrying bombers could be deployed, which would have a strong impact on Washington. “I think this will be enough for the Americans to completely change their approach to such flights. If I were in their place, I would not joke with Russia, ”the senator stressed., - about it сообщает edition "InfoRus".

Due to the growing tension, experts believe that Russia will send its strategic bombers primarily to Venezuela, and missile bases and air defense / missile defense systems may appear in Cuba, covering both Russia and Russian strategic forces in Venezuela.

Konstantin, I very much agree with you.

Obviously, one of the Generals really wants to disrupt Putin's speech at the UN, so that Putin is accused there not only of threats to America but also of violating the UN charter

Maybe it's time to change the record already? The head of all the bosses told everyone long ago to return everything to Russia, including money ... And he himself has no children abroad. So your statement is not true

All the "patriots" just forgot to ask Cuba and Venezuela, and they are already "posting" something there ...
And these countries need dollars and American goods and investments, and least of all Russian bases.

In the event of a conflict, the bombers will most likely be unable to take off. Another thing is short-range missiles with not yet nuclear warheads, radar tracking missile launches, missile defense system and Poseidons

They already tried to do this in 1962. Now it won't work, they just won't let me.

There are still few resources. Not the time.

Rave. I respected Klintsevich, but, apparently, he began to work for a "tick" ... We do not have so many of these "strategists" to place them wherever you want. And it makes no sense - it takes several hours to get the car ready for flight, and wars, in our time, start suddenly. And in order for the States not to relax, we have atomic submarines, which are constantly on the DB and they are located exactly in those places from where the rocket flies to the White House for no more than five minutes. And the Americans know it.

As long as their children, wives, mistresses, all various relatives live in the United States, and the money is kept in American dollars in American banks and funds, there will be no missiles. They will definitely not bomb themselves, because it is not for that 30 years that the country and the people have been plundered.

And Nicaragua with longtime friend Daniil Ortega?

Why won't they have time to take off? Everyone is asleep. turning off the radars, and Carcasses - everything without kerosene and without missiles? Then yes ... But in reality, radars detect the very takeoff of bombers and missiles from the United States. In minutes, the crews ON BATTLE DEPARTMENT will take off and hit from a height of several kilometers (to increase the missile approach distance, otherwise it is possible at least from 20 meters ...) to strike.

As long as their children, wives, mistresses and all their relatives live in the United States, there will be no missiles. They will not bomb themselves.

We are considered to be amateurs; they will not have time to take off. Why not place hypersonic weapons on satellites. This step will have significant results and cool American hotheads.

The point is to place long-range bombers at the borders? But a military base in Venezuela or Cuba is a useful thing. The United States has military bases located, for example, in Turkey and Estonia, what the hell does the country's leadership still think is high time.

you can put a couple, a troika in the conveyor, some sit down, others take off, and there will be a constant presence in the air.

There, bombers are not the same, you need 100 pieces of ss18 Satan and that's it

This is American enticement. Strategic American bombers flying towards us from Europe are fully protected by all kinds of air defense - from all directions of the world and politically. And ours, if they are placed in Venezuela, Cuba, etc., will be just an easy target - crocodiles in the Amazon! We must have completely different, not ostentatious, measures for causing unacceptable damage.

They won't have time to take off. In general, this is all just a talking shop, as always. Unfortunately...

Everything in the future. They will design and create, but the navel will not be untied? !!! The oligarchy, of course, doesn't, but the rest ?!

Powerful electronic warfare to Cuba, and mine-based thermonuclear missiles that can withstand a nuclear strike

From Anadyr to Washington, four thousand kilometers! From Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky to Washington - 5,5 thousand. For hypersound, this is not a distance. Krasnodar - London about 3 thousand km ?! So they fussed ... They were looking, scouting ... Although they know that hypersound can be reached from the depths ...

Bases are needed (reconnaissance, crew rest, a naval base in Cuba, etc.), but does it make sense to deploy bombers there? The flight time of "Yars" is quite comparable to the time from the issuance of the command for takeoff to the covering of the target, but the bomber will be much more vulnerable. They can be destroyed before takeoff, given the proximity of the states.

One question - for what purpose will they be placed there? If the US decides to strike at Russia, then these "long-range" ones will be hit simultaneously. Why are they there ???

Interesting! And what would Nikolai Anatolyevich have done? So that he does not care but GOOD?))))

Give a lot of military bases outside of Russia! :-). But you will have to pay for them out of the pocket of the state. And if the payment goes not in rubles (they can be printed), but in foreign currency, then it is problematic to find it under the conditions of sanctions ...

Ay, as well said. As if my thoughts are reading Bases are needed for Russia and Cuba and Venezuela. For us, ordinary citizens of Russia, this will not be any better or worse.