Accident in the Murmansk region


Rescuers found the last body of the deceased catastrophe in the Murmansk region

22nd of June. At the helicopter crash site Mi-8 In the Murmansk region was found the last body of the victim in a plane crash.

Recall that the wreck of the Mi-8 helicopter occurred 1 June and as a result of this killed 16 people, two people managed to survive. The causes of the crash of an air vehicle are being clarified to this day, but the investigation is most inclined to the fact that the fault was caused by bad weather conditions, in particular, it is a question of fog. Nevertheless, all possible versions are considered, including, as well as the human factor, and the failure of the aircraft equipment.

On the side of the helicopter were high-ranking officials, including the deputy governor of the Murmansk region.


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