Air Asia crash


Rescuers managed to raise the tail of the aircraft "Air Asia"

Rescuers working on the scene of the crash of the passenger plane of the airline "Air Asia", managed to raise to the surface of the tail Airbus A320.

Currently, attempts are made to extract the "black boxes" of the aircraft, but experts say that the tail of the aircraft they are not, and they are still in the water. Search for "black boxes" airliner belonging to the airline «Air Asia» seriously hampered by the fact that the area of ​​the Java Sea, where the plane crashed is muddy bottom that brings problems to the work of professionals.

Recall that the crash involving aircraft airline «Air Asia» took place in December 28 2014 years. On board the aircraft were 162 people who were killed, and some of which have already been identified. The reasons for the crash occurred remain unknown.