Rescue of the crew of a T-72 tank hit by a rocket hit the video

The crew of the tank miraculously left the burning combat vehicle after being hit by a rocket.

The T-72 tank of an unidentified modification, retreating, was hit by an anti-tank missile. The missile pierced the tank's armor and literally in a matter of moments turned its turret into a flaming ball, seemingly leaving the crew no chance of salvation. Nevertheless, thanks to the lightning-fast reaction of the crew members, the latter managed to get out of the tank on the move, when the temperature inside the combat vehicle was already measured by several hundred degrees.

On the presented video frames, you can see how the T-72 tank retreats, shooting back along the way. However, literally a second later, an anti-tank missile, probably fired from an ATGM, flies into the frontal armor of the tank and pierces it. As a result, in a matter of moments, the entire interior of the tower is engulfed in high-temperature flames.

Despite the critical situation, the crew of the heavy combat vehicle managed to leave the tank on the move, getting out of it when the fire was already blazing inside the tank. Judging by the video footage, at least two crew members left the tank, and, in fact, thanks to their lightning-fast reaction, this saved the crew's life.

According to sources, the video footage was filmed on the territory of the Donetsk region, however, there are no other details on this matter.