Fighter F-35


Specialist about the disadvantages of F-35: it's amazing that he can fly

Specialist told about the shortcomings of the American F-35 fighter.

The fifth-generation fighter, which in the United States is considered the best aircraft of all epochs, has a huge number of technical flaws and shortcomings, which requires additional huge investments and prevents the demand of this aircraft from US partners.

As follows from data provided by an independent analyst, as of January 2018, the American 5-generation fighter has 996 identified shortcomings and shortcomings, of which 111 poses an immediate danger for flights and combat use.

"I'm surprised not that this fighter in the US is considered the best, but because with such a huge number of shortcomings, these aircraft can fly at all. Given the fact that the Pentagon does not intend to abandon the release of F-35 fighters, the identified shortcomings will have to be corrected, and this threatens with multibillion-dollar investments ", - the expert informs.

It should be clarified that among the main problems identified by the American F-35 fighter, it is possible to single out regular engine failures, a malfunction of the pilot's life support system, violations in the control system, the broken operation of the on-board computer,

"Even if we assume that funds will be allocated to fix all the shortcomings, the F-35 can be reworked from three to five years, and its cost will not decrease, according to Trump, but will rise, and most likely not less than on 20% », - the expert states.

It should be clarified that a number of US partners in NATO decided to abandon the purchase of F-35 fighters, which, in fact, can not compete with Russian and Chinese aircraft of the same generation, although the same Turkey and Israel show an extreme interest in these aircraft.

The total cost of the development program of the American F-35 fighter has already exceeded the mark in 1,4 trillion. dollars, which can be compared with the purchase of 28000 (!) Russian fighter Su-35, and, in fact, means that these aircraft will never be able to pay back.

As for the potsreots' earnest belief in the opinions of "specialists" (they are cadets of the propaganda department of the FSB academy).
The aircraft is in service with the ILC, where it was chased 2.5 years without interruption by winding several tens of thousands (!) Test hours of the raid and only after that the commander of the ILC signed the act of full readiness. It happened 4 (!) A year ago.
The aircraft is already in service in the Navy and airfield aviation in full force. The total number of vehicles passing service (real, and not in Power Point, as in the Defense Ministry) is more than 200 and is constantly growing. Jews pumped their specimens, expanding the capabilities of the device (no one knows how much :)). The hardware of avionics and _all_ software are constantly being updated - this was a key condition for the concept of the aircraft.
At the same time, the prosecutors believe that, for example, software updates indicate a fundamental collapse of the whole project.
Friends, go better together with your gnome grandfather to watch cartoons about "having no analogues" and "by the main indicators" interrupting "Russian aircraft of the 5th generation" (without an engine, radar and with avionics of the 70s), made in a number of 10 pieces, of which take off the ground 2.

Dear editorial staff, it would be good if your publications on such topics became more serious. Especially since the coverage is good, it's interesting to read.