The specialist explained why Russia does not use Tu-95 bombers in Syria

It became known why Russia is not using its Tu-95 bombers in Syria.

While Russia is actively using Su-24 front-line bombers in Syria, the question arose as to why the Russian military did not use strategic Tu-95 bombers to increase the effectiveness of strikes. As it turned out, the use of such combat aircraft is not only not unjustified, but also ineffective.

According to the arguments of military experts, Russia can freely use Tu-95 bombers in Syria, however, there is no need to use bombers to strike with cruise missiles on small groups of jihadists - the Su-24 will cope with such tasks much more effectively using the KAB-500 adjustable bombs and KAB-1000.

“It is important to complete those tasks that are associated with rapid response and accurate attacks. Su-25, Su-24, Su-34 are more convenient when performing such tasks. Because they are equipped with the appropriate fire control system and the necessary weapons. In addition to the use of rockets and free-fall bombs, precision ammunition such as the KAB-500 and KAB-1000 can also be used. Tu-95 bombers are mainly equipped with strategic cruise missiles such as the Kh-55 and Kh-101, which are not only expensive to use but also expensive to maintain. Preparation and launch also take more time than tactical weapons, ”the Sokha news outlet reports.

Previously, Russia used strategic Tu-95 bombers, however, exclusively for striking large areas of Islamic State terrorists (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - ed.).

Hammering nails with an electron microscope, which is this STRATEGIC bomber, is inherently not rational and even stupid ... for each job there is a dedicated tool for this ... If we were talking about delivering a nuclear strike on the territory of the United States, then yes, this is his job ...