Hypersonic rocket


Experts have found two probable vulnerabilities of the Russian hypersonic systems Avangard and Sarmat, allowing to shoot down missiles

Russian hypersonic missile systems proved to be vulnerable to interception.

Despite the fact that hypersonic technologies have just begun to be introduced by the Russian military, and strikes by warheads of such missiles are considered invulnerable to interception, experts believe that it is still possible to intercept the Avangard and Sarmat missiles.

According to analysts, despite the fact that the Avangard and Sarmat hypersonic missile systems strike at a speed of over 30 thousand km / h, during launch, before the combat units begin their separation and targeting , it is quite possible to shoot down such missile systems.

“The launch trajectory of such missiles is very predictable. Russia, of course, acted very competently by placing launch silos in the central part of the country, which requires the same Americans to create very long-range missile defense systems, however, due to the flat trajectory of ascent and approach to the target, in some areas to intercept the missile before the separation of warheads everything it is quite possible "- said in a statement.

Moreover, experts believe that one of the "interception" options can be the use of electronic suppression equipment, or such promising types of weapons as microwave and electromagnetic guns.

“A powerful electromagnetic or high-frequency pulse may well“ cut down ”the electronic stuffing of warheads of hypersonic weapons, however, so far the range of such“ interception ”weapons is limited to only tens of kilometers. However, do not underestimate the Americans - it is better to improve the current weapons, making them truly perfect. ", - the analyst notes.

It should be emphasized that today, Russia is armed with two hypersonic missile systems - Avangard and Dagger.

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There are only specialists around and none of them knows the characteristics of the missiles, but they found vulnerability)