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Experts have discovered a strange feature in Russian combat aircraft in Syria

Very unusual flights of the Russian aerospace forces in Syria caused a lot of questions.

Regular eyewitness reports that Russian combat aircraft, taking off from the Khmeimim air base, are heading south-east, have caused a lot of questions from experts. Given the fact that Russian combat aircraft are currently engaged in patrolling airspace over the northern part of Syria, the question arises as to which mission they are performing in the southeast of the Arab Republic.

According to some reports, at least 16 sorties of Russian airborne combat aircraft were recorded per day, and in the vast majority of cases, all had the same course - the southeast.

“In fact, the southeastern part of Syria is under the control of the Syrian army, and sorties in this direction can only be associated with the escort and interception of potential violators of the Syrian border”, - the expert marks.

At the same time, an assumption was made that the flight in this direction is identified incorrectly.

“Russian combat aircraft can reach the northern part of Syria only through a southeast turn. It is possible that observers record only a take-off in this direction, but cannot describe the full picture. ”, - the analyst states.

... and then fall on the right course.

And where is the description of the strange features of Russian aircraft in Syria? Author, more to write about? Then write fairy tales for children (

Poor, planes take off according to the GDP, which is built according to the “ROSE OF WINDS”, so that take-off and landing are as close as possible to the direction AGAINST THE WIND.