Experts explained the reasons for the refusal of 90% of Russian Iskander in Armenia - under suspicion Turkey

Experts explained Pashinyan's statement about the refusal of 90% of Russian Iskander OTRK.

The resonant statement by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan regarding the uselessness of the Russian Iskander tactical missile systems led to an aggressive ultimatum from the Armenian General Staff demanding that the Prime Minister be removed from his post. Nevertheless, experts believe that they have found the key reason for the failure of tactical missiles - the Turkish weapons were to blame.

Experts believe that the failure of tactical missiles is due to the work of Turkish electronic suppression systems. Something similar was observed on the territory of Libya, when the Libyan National Army tried to strike with the use of ballistic missiles "Scud" - the latter in some cases did not hit the target, but simply fell next to it.

“If you carefully study the situation that prevailed throughout all the one and a half months of military operations in Karabakh, you can see that both sides actively used electronic warfare means. It is possible that Turkish complexes could disrupt the operation of missile systems, provided that the information stated by Pashinyan is true ", - said the analyst

It should be noted that the statement of the Prime Minister of Armenia raised a lot of questions, since today there is not a single reliable evidence of the use of Iskander tactical missile systems.

It's not about the weapon, but about those who own it. You need to learn to fight with this weapon, and not buy it and put it in the boxes, let them be afraid with pride now ...

He did not use the army - why lie that the Sikandars (Alexandras) were involved?

The country with the best electronic warfare in the world understands perfectly well how these means must be counteracted in the design of offensive weapons. As for the author, there is a suspicion that it is not the first time that he excessively praises the "Turkish" weapon, against which there is simply no defense and opposition without options.

Bullshit! Pashinyan was afraid to give a written order for the use of Iskander, because he was afraid of a response from Azerbaijan. Our General Staff stated unambiguously that there were no Iskander launches from Armenia. All ammunition in warehouses. And our general staff is not CNN.

Indeed, what will be surprised at the failure of weapons, especially the one that was not even used

The Deputy Chief of the General Staff of Armenia made it clear in his remark that when only one missile is launched during a conflict, there can be no - 90% failure, for which he was fired.

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SCADs used in Libya were produced in Iraq, all technicians know that their problem was precisely fuse failures. Where do you find such experts !?

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Iskanders were not used in Karabakh, what kind of nonsense is this aviation pro?

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What kind of nonsense are they writing here? What is Turkish rab? Author What? Name a brand that can resist Iskander? "Iskanders were simply not used, that's the whole answer. Storytellers ....

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