NATO special forces landed on the Russian cargo ship "Adler" in the Mediterranean

NATO special forces defiantly landed on the Russian ship "Adler" in the Mediterranean Sea.

According to an official EU report, on the eve of the day, a group of special forces of the Greek Navy, while in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, demonstratively landed on the Russian cargo ship "Adler", arranging for it to be checked for military cargo on board.

According to information that appeared in the Greek media, a Greek warship chased a Russian cargo ship for a long time, after which special forces of the Greek Navy boarded it, which arranged a cargo check, believing that the ship could be carrying weapons that Russia was sending to Libya (UN imposed an arms embargo on arms supplies to Libya - ed.).

It is known that the crew of the Russian cargo ship "Adler" agreed to give the Greek military the right to check the vessel for weapons, however, experts do not exclude that Russia may start operating in the Mediterranean in a similar way, inspecting NATO ships heading to Libya.

The media report that nothing forbidden and suspicious was found on board the Russian cargo ship, and therefore, the incident can be considered settled.


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