US Special Forces switched to the use of Russian Mi-17 helicopters

American special forces switched to the use of Russian Mi-17 helicopters.

Despite the fact that the United States threatens any country with the imposition of sanctions for the acquisition and use of Russian weapons, it became known that the US Army base in North Carolina, where the special forces of the US Armed Forces are deployed, is actively using Russian Mi-17 helicopters. The information accidentally leaked onto the Web after one of the helicopters made an emergency landing at a local farm.

At the disposal of the American media was information that the American special forces switched to the use of Russian military equipment. We are not talking about ordinary Mi-17 helicopter control drills. Training takes place together with American special forces, and military vehicles are fully equipped to carry out special operations.

Information on this matter leaked after an Mi-17 helicopter made an emergency landing at one of the farms in North Carolina. The helicopter was promptly repaired within a few hours. At the same time, the crew of the aircraft spoke about the fact that the American special forces are actively using Russian rotorcraft to perform the assigned tasks.

“According to the report, it was a Mi-17 helicopter that made an emergency landing on a private farm. The helicopter had a sandy fuselage color. There is a large black spot on the right side of the fuselage, but there are no obvious signs of this combat vehicle belonging to an American unit on the fuselage. The report mentions that this helicopter has many "military options", including a spherical sensor located in the lower right corner of the cockpit and bulletproof armor on both sides of the cockpit. ", - reports "Aviation Truth".

There are no official comments from the command of the military base at Fort Bragg on this matter so far. For the Pentagon, the use of Russian military equipment could result in a very serious scandal.

Obviously, not the special forces, but the technology of the special forces support service.

Not US Special Forces in the photo

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