Fighter F-117


Written off 10 years ago, F-117 attacked Syria

Written off American aircraft used to strike at Syria.

The Netherlands aviation magazine Scramble published information that American stealth F-117 aircraft, written off a decade ago, took part in striking Syrian territory. It is known that 4 fighter stealth fighters were sent to the Middle East, which, according to official data, were decommissioned by the US Air Force in 2009.

Journalists report that the American F-117 took part in strikes on Syrian territory in 20017, and not only the territory of the Arab Republic, but also the position of terrorists "Islamic State" was attacked (approx. Ed.) in the territory of Iraq.

For what reasons the US Air Force used the decommissioned aircraft to attack the countries of the Middle East, so far remains unknown, but a few days ago the resource published a video where you can see that one of these aircraft was seen above the desert in Southern California .

It should be noted that the F-117 project itself was recognized as a failure, because despite the use of “stealth” technology, it could even be outdated by the Soviet C-125 air defense systems, which, by the way, shot down one of these aircraft. Yugoslavia.