A spy satellite, shortly before the explosions at the airfield of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Crimea, filmed an unknown aircraft south of the air base

An unidentified aircraft was spotted 11 kilometers from the military airfield in Novofedorovka, 3,5 hours before the explosions.

This is evidenced by satellite images, which managed to capture the silhouette of an aircraft that was above the waters of the Black Sea south of Novofedorovka. Pictures taken by the Sentinel-2 spacecraft indicate that the aircraft was moving at a fairly high speed and was at a low altitude.

In the pictures you can see the silhouette of the aircraft, in three different colors. A similar phenomenon occurs due to the fact that the spacecraft, moving, cannot get a clear picture of the aircraft, which is also in motion, which is shown in the corresponding diagram. However, we are definitely talking about an aircraft, while it can be either a very large drone or a reconnaissance aircraft.

At the moment, there is no information about which particular aircraft we are talking about, however, due to the publication of satellite images, this gave rise to new versions and assumptions on the Web regarding the incident, although according to official data, the detonation of ammunition on one from sites. Whether Russian military aircraft were at that time in the indicated area is unknown, however, earlier in the western part of Crimea, flights of Russian military aircraft were observed, probably monitoring the Black Sea.

According to the latest data presented, the number of victims of explosions at a military airfield in Crimea has reached 13 people, while at least one death has been reported.