Maxar satellites revealed high activity of Russian strategic aviation at Engels airbase

At the Engels airbase, a high activity of Russian strategic aviation was noticed.

The Maxar satellite imagery shows about 20 Tu-95 and Tu-160 strategic bombers deployed at the Engels strategic aviation base. The density of deployment of combat aircraft here is so high that some of them are actually placed right next to each other.

Satellite images of the Engels airbase were taken on 28 November. Here you can see both Tu-160 supersonic strategic bombers and Tu-95 turboprop strategic bombers. The An-124 military transport aircraft also got into the pictures. Among other things, the presence of boxes, tankers and ongoing work with aircraft indicate high activity at the military base.

On satellite images of the Engels airbase taken earlier, such activity has never been recorded since the beginning of this year, although strategic aviation flights of the Russian Aerospace Forces are carried out almost constantly.


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