Wreckage Airbus A321


US satellites detected a flash heat at the time of the crash Airbus A321

The US military satellites detected a flash heat at the time of disaster Airbus A321.

The information available to Avia.pro has not received official confirmation at the moment, but experts have already expressed the opinion that the appearance of a thermal outbreak may indicate either an explosion on board the aircraft, or a projectile falling into the fuselage, in particular, A version of a rocket launched from the ground is being considered.

Nevertheless, it is possible that the heat flash can be initialized and the explosion of the fuel tanks of the aircraft, and therefore it is not necessary to make any preliminary conclusions until the refined information, including before the end of decoding the flight recorders of the aircraft.

According to experts, the version of the technical malfunction of the aircraft is unlikely, because the pilot was able to at least inform the people about the problems detected.