The satellites recorded the flight of the USS Ross US missile destroyer due to the Houthis missile attack

Hussites supported by Iran tried to destroy the American missile destroyer - the latter had to flee.

Spacecraft recorded the flight of the USS Ross US missile destroyer, which, heading for the shores of Iran, unexpectedly changed its route, and lay back on course. The incident was recorded only two days after the American warship advanced in the direction of the Bab el-Mandeb Strait.

According to preliminary data, the reason for this was an attempt by the Hussites supported by Iran to destroy an American warship.

The Hussites fully support the actions of Iran, and in fact were ready to launch a missile strike on the American warship, which was moving in the direction of the Persian Gulf. At its narrowest point, the passage route of an American warship would be only about 40 kilometers from the territory controlled by the Hussites, which would make it a very easy target for both ballistic and cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

No official comments have yet been received from the US Navy command, however, the actions of the USS Ross destroyer crew are more than strange.

Of course, the Jews saw the SU-57 only on TV, so they have such an opinion.