Immediately 4 American bombers worked out nuclear attacks on the Arctic part of Russia, bypassing the S-400

The U.S. Air Force practiced nuclear strikes on northern Russia.

A few hours ago, American strategic bombers B-52, unexpectedly practiced nuclear strikes throughout the northern part of Russia. Bombers operated outside the Russian S-400 detection zone, and in the event of a real military conflict, they would not have been hit by Russian air defense, especially since we are talking about four strategic bombers who made a flight for the first time through the Arctic.

“Today at night — in the first half of the day, the command of the Global Impact and the US Strategic Command carried out a comprehensive event in the Arctic to launch the strike forces of the US armed forces at the battle lines and to conditionally launch attacks using long-range cruise missiles at the objects of the national economy of Russia and its defense infrastructure facilities . Four strategic B-52H bombers were involved in the event, who, having flown from the Minot air base in the polar regions, assessed conditionally destroyed the objects of the Norilsk gas transport hub, military infrastructure facilities of the Strategic Missile Forces located outside the Urals and Siberia, as well as the main Northern Fleet bases located on the Franz Josef Land archipelago and the Kola Peninsula. In addition to this - so far, according to unconfirmed reports - at least two B-2A bombers departing from the Whiteman air base are now on a flight to Andersen air base, Guam Island ”- reports "Telegram" community "Operation Line".

There are no official comments from the Russian defense department on this subject yet, however, if the information is true, then this is the second time that US strategic air strikes on Russian territory have been tested over the past week, moreover, in the case of the appearance of American strategic bombers over In the Black Sea, the situation was also quite unexpected, although the Russian defense department announced that all air defense systems were immediately put on alert.

And the missiles also did not fly into the S-400 zone?)

Where does such knowledge come from? Where did you read it? Or did you guess?

Where does the information come from that they struck undetected? )) Shoigu reported?

For reference. Strategic Rocket Forces are troops on constant alert. But for now, the generals with shaking hands will search for the commander-in-chief by telephone, and he will be the chief of staff and the Minister of Defense. The warheads of our opponents will begin to fall on our country.

Flying targets))

In response, four Arctic military units successfully worked out nuclear weapons strikes against all major cities of America, bypassing all of America’s air defense systems.

B-52 is a bright "sun" on the locator screen !!! You can not continue further.

What about the sufficiency of forces for 146% sure?

I totally agree. The USA and their NATO vassals are not partners to us, but potential enemies!

With the approach of US bombers to our borders, full combat readiness of the Strategic Missile Forces.

Something White Swans have not flown to Venezuela for a long time !!!?

when US bombers appear, bring the Strategic Missile Forces into full combat.

We previously did this: there was news when our “swans” reached the States through the Arctic. The United States only shows the "answer". And the symmetrical answers here can lead to the 3rd world war.
"When the diplomats shut up, the guns start talking!"

We are Russia and a great power, and therefore
time to stop:
1. To call any country that is not friendly to Russia our partner, these countries should understand our cooperation with them is beneficial for us so far, and if Russia is not profitable, it will tear this country to shreds with the slightest attempt on Russian sovereignty. Only fear will stop these countries ( which are against Russia) and will make you respect and reckon with Russia, there are no good words and intentions for them (the USA in the first place)!
Dear Mr. Lavrov, do not call the United States a partner, do not humiliate us - the Russian people.
2. In response to the demonstration of a nuclear strike against Russia, immediately conduct a demonstration and testing of a nuclear strike against America both from the air and from the ocean and from land. Motivation: your training blow to Russia has been accepted and we must work out the answer! Only in this way Russia is respected throughout the world!
Stop lobbing in front of America! We already have enough strength for this, now we need the will and character!