Three American B-52 attacked the Russian border from the north

American bombers made a new “raid” to the Russian borders - this time to the north.

Contrary to the fact that the northern borders of the Russian Federation have the greatest protection - in addition to standard modern air defense and missile defense systems, the most powerful Russian electronic warfare systems are also located in this region, it became known about a new raid of American strategic B-52 bombers in this area.

According to user "Twitter”, In the area of ​​19 hours, in the airspace of Great Britain, an American strategic bomber B-52 was noticed, and, in the same period, the airspace over the North Sea was literally filled with military aircraft.

A little later, the Telegram operational line community reported that three B-52 strategic bombers were deployed to the northwestern borders of Russia, accompanied, according to unconfirmed reports, by anti-submarine patrol aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft and tanker aircraft, which indicates the seriousness of the situation.

How close the American military aircraft approached the borders of Russia is not specified.