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Urgent: L-39 Albatross plane crashed in Krasnodar Territory

A military plane crashed in the Krasnodar Territory.

An L-39 military plane crashed in the Krasnodar Territory tonight. Initially, this information was provided by eyewitnesses to the tragedy, but the Ministry of Defense confirmed the information only a few hours ago. Information about the dead and injured has not yet been officially commented, while the RF Ministry of Defense cannot answer the question of how many people were in the cockpit of the crashed plane.

By now, it is known that the L-39 Albatross trainer was carrying out the planned flight. There was a cadet on board the aircraft, however, according to other sources, along with the cadet, an instructor officer was also present in the cockpit, which, however, has not yet been confirmed or denied by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The crash involving the Russian training aircraft L-39 "Albatross" occurred near the village of Dolzhanskaya - according to eyewitnesses to the tragedy, the aircraft fell into the water. According to eyewitnesses, there was no indication that the people aboard had ejected were observed, while emergency services in the Krasnodar Territory cite information that those aboard had left the aircraft cabin.

Despite the fact that the training aircraft L-39 "Albatross" are considered very reliable, only in the last year there have been several incidents with their participation.

What exactly could have happened to a military plane is still unknown, but experts have stated three main versions of what happened:

  • Technical failure;
  • Flight error;
  • Violation of flight rules.

“Yes, this aircraft is very reliable, but it is really outdated and needs to be replaced. “Flying desks” are one of the main means of training Russian military pilots, but the frequent incidents indicate the fact that the continued operation of these aircraft is dangerous. ”, - stressed the specialist


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