Fighters of Russia and the USA


USA: American F-22 epic loses to Russian Su-57 in close and long-range combat

In the USA, they compared the Russian Su-57 with the American F-22 and became furious.

The fifth-generation Russian fighter, in terms of its characteristics, not only left the American F-35 fighter out of work, but also pretty dashingly dealt with the American “stealth” F-22, sending it to the “knockout” in almost all respects. It is noteworthy that it was recognized in the United States of America that, quite possibly, it beats the two "best", according to the American side, airplanes in the world in the strongest way.

“Much less is known about the Sukhoi Su-57. Despite seven years of test flights, many details about the aircraft remain unknown. What is known - Sukhoi struggled to develop an airplane, especially key components such as an engine. It was planned that the first production aircraft will be part of the Russian Aerospace Forces in 2019. Experts believe that the Su-57 is an evolution of the Su-27, modernized for low radar visibility, but also for greater maneuverability. The mixed wing design increases internal volume for avionics, fuel and weapons. How will the F-22 and Su-57 fight each other? The design priorities of the two aircraft give fighters different advantages at different ranges. The priorities and armament of the Su-57 make it possible to detect and eliminate threats over long distances. The key to this strategy is the Su-57 radar must be able to detect "invisible" targets at large distances. The aircraft’s emphasis on speed allows it to react quickly or quickly retreat from fights that it cannot win. As soon as the two warring fighters approach their visibility range, the combination of Su-57 maneuverability and infrared search and tracking will make it a deadly adversary. In close combat, it’s hard to understand who will win, given that we don’t know how maneuverable the Su-57 is, but the search and tracking system on a Russian plane - something that the American invisible fighter does not have - will be a big bonus in battle ”, - the American edition of The National Interest cites a comparative analysis.

The capabilities of the fifth-generation Russian fighter are indeed very much unknown, however, even by the disclosed characteristics of this combat aircraft, it is already superior to the “American”, both in close and long-range combat.