US Air Force in Syria


The United States announced the breakdown of agreements with Russia on Syria

It became known about the intentions of the United States to completely break the agreement with Russia on Syria.

Against the background of how the United States is rapidly losing its influence in Syria, information appeared that in order to regain control over the eastern and northern parts of the Arab republic, Washington intends to break the existing agreements with Russia on the Arab republic. In other words, the United States will no longer coordinate with the Russian military, using combat aircraft and drones to fly throughout the Arab Republic.

“In Syria, we really do have some kind of interaction between the headquarters that conducted operations against a terrorist state in Syria. The interaction was organized so that during the performance of combat missions there would be no conflicts in the airspace. This hotline has worked flawlessly for a long time. Allegations of some kind of violation on the part of Russia indicate that the Americans are going to deactivate the line of interaction. An additional source of tension "- said Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov.

Experts note that as soon as the United States breaks the existing agreement with Russia, the American Air Force will not be able to fly over the territory of the Arab Republic at all - planes, helicopters and drones will go astray without warning, and given the construction of a new American military air base in the east of the Arab Republic, this is the strongest will thus hit the US presence in the region.

“The United States has already lost several drones, trying to operate in areas not previously agreed with Russia, and due to the breakdown of existing agreements, the US Air Force may well lose several military aircraft, including F-35 fighters, which the Russian S-400 can see perfectly over the central part of Syria, but because of the existing agreements do not open fire on them ", - the expert marks.

It should be noted that at the moment there are no official statements from the United States on this score.