US attacked Iranian oil tankers en route to Venezuela

The US military attacked Iranian oil tankers transporting oil to Venezuela.

The United States of America contained threats against Iran and attacked oil tankers transporting oil from Iran to Venezuela, capturing them and sending them to one of the controlled ports. It is known that the crews of sea vessels were detained, but information about the victims has not yet received official comments.

“The US seized about 1,116 million barrels of Iranian fuel aboard 4 ships bound for Venezuela, the Justice Department confirmed, hinting at“ help ”from“ foreign partners ”and refusing to disclose where the attack took place. The agency hailed what it described as the largest Iranian fuel seizure in US history in a statement Friday, revealing that Washington had detained a sanctioned cargo en route to Venezuela with the help of unspecified "foreign partners." The statement appears to corroborate a Wall Street Journal report citing anonymous government and shipping sources that claimed four Iranian fuel tankers had recently had their cargo confiscated. The ships will reportedly be rerouted to Houston, Texas, where they will reportedly be greeted by senior Trump administration officials. ", - about it сообщает edition "RT".

In fact, we are talking about an attack on Iranian tankers, which does not exclude the likelihood that similar measures against the United States will be taken by Iran, which is much easier to seize American oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz, simply by blocking them and forcing them to enter their territorial waters for subsequent transportation to port.