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US blocks Russian DBKs and Iskander missiles in the Kaliningrad region

The Pentagon has begun blocking Russian missile weapons in the Baltic Sea.

US troops began blocking the capabilities of Russian missile weapons deployed in the Kaliningrad region. This data appeared after it became known about the deployment of the ground-based anti-missile defense system AEGIS Ashore in Poland.

According to official data, the US military has already begun deploying the AEGIS Ashore missile defense system at a military base in Redzikovo. Due to the actual location of the military facility, the United States will be able to block most of the missile attacks from Russia, at least in theory. However, as the recent incident in the Pacific Ocean showed, Russian electronic warfare systems managed to seize control of the anti-missile missiles, although the Russian side did not officially comment on the US accusations.

Earlier it was reported that the American system AEGIS Ashore, in addition to interception, can also be used to deliver strikes. This raises even greater concern, since in fact, the entire Kaliningrad region may fall under the blows.

Experts note that in response to the deployment of American weapons, Russia may deploy additional tactical missile systems in the Kaliningrad region, including those with new missiles.

What matters if there are citizens of NATO states in the State Duma and in the government?

Why did the Tomahawks in Syria flew into the desert?

Well, yes ... And why, then howled when the "krasuha" was turned on?

And an immodest question - did you manage to update the software of the complexes to the latest working version so that you don't have to search for diapers in a hurry?

Vasily for you - "Patriot" THIS IS THE BASIC BRAND for the sale and advertising of the protection of the sky in the United States for citizens and allies, and he showed poor performance 3 times.
Aegis is a shipborne multifunctional combat information and control system, which is an integrated network of shipborne assets ...
The first US ship with this system began operations on January 23, 1983. Even with all the modifications carried out, the Aegis SM-2 and SM-3 versions are DESIGNED ONLY for hitting ballistic targets at different stages of the approach to the target.
In a word, it at least somehow effectively works when ships with this system are at a short distance from each other and when there are more than 50 ships. The main role is to protect the United States itself from ballistic missiles, but not from cruise missiles and super-sonic non-ballistic missiles.

Isn't it time from words to deeds?

For Xperds:

The basis of the air defense system of Saudi Arabia is made up of about 36 batteries of Patriot air defense systems of the PAC-2 and PAC-3 modifications.
Poland is hosting something different - the overland version of the Aegis

Moreover, it was possible to deceive amerskih "patriots" only once, already two years ago, and with the help of handicraft drones, while the Patriot was designed to hit faster targets.

The USA's air defense system has shown itself IN ANY WAY in the defense of Saudi Arabia from the Houthi missiles of the Yemeni, what kind of "blocking" can the United States create for Russian missiles?
I remember that our SU-24, flying on an American ship, turned off their Aegis, which was the reason for writing a report on the dismissal of part of the ship's crew .... :)))

As a missile defense system, a very controversial system .. but as a weapon for the first strike - it's a fact.