US ready to ban Russian weapons around the world

US found a way to limit the supply of Russian weapons.

The US Department of State has opened a program that provides for receiving subsidies from Washington’s partners in case they refuse Russian weapons. Such a message, with reference to unnamed officials, appeared on the Defense One portal.

The European Recapitalization Incentive Program worked during the year. During this period, American-made helicopters and armored vehicles were purchased by six Eastern European countries. They are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece and Slovakia. These countries received from 50 to 190 million dollars.

Initially, the program envisaged cooperation with the countries of the former Warsaw Pact. Currently, the United States envisages expansion of the program. It is about cooperation with the countries of Central and Southeast Asia, as well as Africa. Washington also intends to impose restrictions on the purchase of Chinese weapons by partners and allies.

According to one source, the goal of the initiative is to create conditions that will allow countries to get away from Russian supplies and logistics, that is, from what provided the possibility of supplying Russian products to US allies in NATO and their partners.

The publication of the portal noted that the condition that countries must fulfill in order to participate in the program provides for the disposal of existing Russian weapons. Countries should refuse to buy it in the future and allocate funds for the purchase of American weapons.

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American weapons have a double bottom, the Turks understood this, and the Balts, including Poland, will never understand. Loans for the purchase of weapons that the American that the Chinese is a clamp that is almost impossible to remove.