The United States is preparing a provocation involving strategic bombers in the area of ​​Russia's large-scale military exercises in the Arctic

The Russian military in the exercises in the Arctic may face US provocations.

The transfer of American strategic bombers B-2 Spirit to Europe may be associated with provocations planned by Washington during Russian exercises in the Arctic. At the moment, it is known that the United States, together with other NATO countries, also intends to conduct some maneuvers in northern Europe, which does not exclude NATO's attempts to send strategic bombers to the area of ​​the Russian military exercises, although this is fraught with a number of risks for the Pentagon and NATO Command.

The large-scale military exercises of Russia that began in the Arctic are intended to practice actions related to the defense of the Northern Sea Route and the protection of Russian borders from external threats. About 8 thousand servicemen, about 50 ships, as well as combat aircraft are taking part in Russia's military exercises. Experts believe that the Alliance will try to take advantage of the situation and practice strikes against Russian forces. This can have very negative consequences for NATO, since Russian military aircraft may well try to prevent NATO bombers from approaching the area of ​​Russian military exercises, not to mention the fact that the Russian military will almost certainly use electronic warfare and will jam not only aircraft communications but also their main control systems.

Earlier it became known that Russia sent two AWACS A-50U aircraft to the northern part of the country, which, as expected, will have to "catch" American "stealth" bombers