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US prepares to decommission nearly 200 F-22 fighters

The Pentagon is preparing to write off about 200 fifth-generation fighters.

The "promising" American fifth-generation F-22 fighters were not only ineffective in combat, since they had never been used to combat air targets, but they also have an extremely low resource. As it turned out, by 2030, the Pentagon intends to write off about 200 fighters of this model, while the development of a new combat aircraft by this period is still under very big question.

It is reported that the American military command is dissatisfied with the F-22 fighters, since the tasks performed by the latter do not provide the ability to fight the enemy, which, obviously, refers to the Russian and Chinese fifth generation fighters.

“Brown shocked everyone in May when he unveiled his four-plus-one plan to narrow his fleet of fighters from seven to five platforms, in particular by removing the F-22 Raptor from the lineup. Too many aircraft, each with its own logistics tail, infrastructure and personnel, is unacceptable for an Air Force desperate to modernize. Brown highlighted his long-term vision - the F-35A, F-15EX, F-16 (or possible replacement) and the Next-Generation Air Dominance platform - plus a smaller fleet of improved and modernized A-10 attack aircraft. According to him, the F-22 will be replaced by NGAD in 2030. Perhaps there is still life in it, but "this is one of the most expensive fleets to operate." He pledged to continue upgrading these aircraft for now, but added: "What we want to do is achieve what is our mainstay in all respects to be able to operate at a reasonable pace.", - reports the publication "Air Force Magazine".

Experts note that such optimization is unlikely to give the United States more advantages, since the fifth generation fighters in service with Russia and China, even being unmodernized, are superior to the US Air Force combat aircraft to be modernized.

“Only the fighter of the NGAD platform is in question. What it will be, time will tell. All other combat aircraft of the US Air Force have already been tested in one way or another by Russian air defense systems and fighters and certainly do not pose any threat. ", - the expert marks.

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