Evacuation from Kabul


US wanted to prevent Russian evacuation flights from landing in Kabul

The US wanted to ban the landing of Russian military aircraft in Kabul.

Several hours ago, Russian military aircraft arrived at the Kabul International Airport, the purpose of which is to evacuate about 500 citizens of Russia and the CSTO countries. As it turned out, the US military initially wanted to ban Russian military aircraft from landing in Kabul, but the Taliban forced the US to grant Russia a similar right.

Earlier, the US military has repeatedly deployed foreign military aircraft in the skies over Kabul, preventing the latter from landing. This is allegedly due to the fact that the arrival of evacuation flights from other countries will interfere with the arrival and departure of US evacuation flights. Nevertheless, in the case of the arrival of Russian special aircraft, no problems arose, since in fact, despite the statements of the American side, the sky over Kabul is controlled by Taliban terrorists (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.). The Taliban are only in favor of the early evacuation of all foreign citizens and the military, stating that starting from August 31, the evacuation will be completed, and the borders with neighboring states will be closed by the Taliban.

It should be noted that there is no interference with the evacuation of citizens by Russian planes from Afghanistan by other refugees trying to evacuate from this country, as evidenced by advising photos and videos.


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