Hypersonic weapon


US wants to ban hypersonic weapons in the world, UN supports

Hypersonic weapons can be banned for use around the world.

Military expert Alexei Leonkov said that because of the substantial progress of Russia and China in the development of hypersonic weapons, and the obvious lag in the United States on this issue, Washington will take all measures to prevent the use of these technologies in the world.

“Americans have long been saying that they have a hypersonic weapon. They conducted experiments. But it seems to me that those experiments were made with a certain intent. First, a lot of money was spent on them. All of them ended with one or two starts. <...> And the Americans said that a certain result was achieved, everything is good and that, they say, when a rival appears in the future, they will bring everything to mind. Well, the opponent has appeared, he has a controlled hypersound, questions begin. Everyone is waiting for new hypersonic weapons to appear in new programs. She is not. They are even now holding a competition in order to find a developer who will make the leading edge of the wing for hypersonic flights, so that it can withstand high temperatures and high loads. They are doing it just now, and we have passed this stage already 30 years ago. We have come to real technology controlled hypersound. We came, the Chinese came, but they could not get along. "- Leonkov said, stressing that the so-called. The “super-weapon” of the USA is only in desires.

On the other hand, the UN representative has already announced that hypersonic armament is a serious danger, and called on the world not only to develop means of protection against it, but also to refuse to use it, which, by the way, could well be promoted by US interests.

“They (the USA - ed.) Want to bring our hypersonic weapon under this START-3, that is, to prohibit it. It is clear that this is a certain slyness, because earlier this weapon was not included in START-3. It does not appear there. It is about the number of carriers and warheads. We comply with these requirements. They are trying to change the rules in order to get us back to the casino in which they are owners. But we will not trade with our sovereignty, we know how this ends. ”- summed up Alexei Leonkov.

Repeat the US that situation with missiles in Cuba ??? And why not, if they want to place their missiles in Poland?

Beat ahead :).

Moreover, the ban by the decision of two Russian organizations at once - the Rospotrebnadzor and the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation. For propaganda directed against the Russian Federation and for corporate collusion between several states about the "unification" of prices for alcohol and tobacco.

Why, according to the Russian laws, and not according to the laws of the United States themselves - exclusively "alaverdy", and we also wanted so much :) :) :).

Let's ban US existence

It is necessary to ban all NATO bases around Russia, and to prohibit the United States from interfering in the affairs of a foreign state of Ukraine and observance of all agreements with Russia. Only then it is possible to argue about something the United States

If, nevertheless, the Americans prohibit this weapon, then it would be worth somewhere in the middle Urals to place the Russian Federation at a great depth very powerful nuclear charges, which during an explosion can completely destroy both Russia itself and all of Eurasia, stop the rotation of the Earth (which can lead to the disappearance of the magnetic field and the death of the remaining living beings on Earth! Thus, the Russian Federation can, if necessary, keep all humanity in check (for example, to threaten that the charge will explode in the event of a rocket launch in any part of the Earth)! e will create a competitor!

Nuclear weapons also ban.

pozdnyak rush. the train left. and who did not have time - he was late.

and can the US ban - is a threat to the world?

If the impotent itself, then sex should be banned! You can even complain to the UN ....))

Everyone is discussing the construction of hypersonic rockets), and our engineers at this time are designing an aircraft like "Helicarrier" - (all the same, from which to shoot from top to bottom)) that was more laughter)) if it appears after a few years)

And what they do not prohibit atomic weapons since 45, they could prohibit

It turns out that it is unprofitable for us to ban, and what is beneficial is to forbid paying attention. Intimidated completely with their democracy. Let them look at their relatives in Africa, as they have there with democracy, respect for human rights. And in general, do they want to eat. Why do not these fighters for human rights notice that there is famine in Africa?

Not by crotch.
Are there too many bans on the globe from these Americans?

Pindos even banned weapons in the holdouts, for example. chemical and biological, and others decided to indicate what is possible and what is not! By the way, why are they so alarmed, because the hypersound in the Russian Federation is primitive cartoons, well, let them not look at night, protect their health!

What is it like? We prohibit you to shoot at us in a hypersonic? What kind of nonsense?

For sure! It is also necessary to prohibit stealth technology and aircraft carriers, as "weaponry carries a serious danger" for the whole world !!!

The Yankees are self-confident in everything: they are ahead of the rest of the world in technological military development (in fact, they have fallen behind forever), then they require the prohibition of those weapons that they themselves cannot produce (little is enough, ambitions are above the roof). in the second case, they assured themselves that all this is true and the world will kneel before the holy fools

America is more and more like "Titanic" - powerful, rich and doomed ...

Yes, wrought Pindos (:-)).

It seems that the Amer has had the whole Wishlist.
Can they podsobit with mercury ointment?

they can want anything, but we are not tyrants to forbid them. but let wishful thinking not be taken. true amers nation is exceptional in their vision, so you can expect everything. it is necessary to treat them from their snobbery, preferably with good kicks.

Hyper sound must be banned! But first, completely disarm the Americans from tomahawks and phosphorus bombs, destroy all nuclear weapons from all countries, dismantle all centrifuges. To establish a rigid world control over all countries, especially over pendos, and then you can also stop using the hyper-sound. In the meantime, it looks like that, the American wants to dictate himself out of habit and dictate him to send him the fuck - it’s unusual and not comfortable to be - let them get used to the new world order))

nonsense is prohibited, allowed. In war as in war, all methods are good or because mother will scream ayayayy.

What our successes in the release of new weapons stand on the throat? It’s time for Russia not to recognize the United States as a country (England, too), and any statements are fakes. It is time for them to either hang themselves, or to understand that they are not masters in this world, but have come to this celebration of life!

This is a desire, but practically it is not feasible because the ban on nuclear weapons is still not feasible. But it is realistic to have a conversation with the aim of reducing the factors of war and general disarmament of conventional weapons first. Only the US has no such desire for some reason.

"The US wants to bring our hypersonic weapon under this START-3, that is, to ban it." Do they want hot mug pitches? Why not ban the United States. Immediately the world would become calmer.

There was such a philosopher Montaigne, so he said: "Without being able to achieve a high position - let's slander him!" So the Americans act this way: weakly by themselves, which means we will ban others.

Che, does not work?

Grapes turned green?

And aircraft carriers.

Whoever doubts, this is the only opportunity for Russia to respond to an instantaneous US all-nuclear strike! Of course they want to ban it. Do they want to remove the bases from the border of the Russian Federation? And the NATO that sponsor the United States, they do not want to dissolve? The creatures are afraid to snatch in the face.

After the war, they decided what to do with the German fleet. Stalin proposed to divide, and Churchill offered to flood, to which Stalin said: - "Here you are drowning your half". So we need to, let the UN make a decision to ban hypersound and let them not develop it and do not use it, but we have it and it will be!

Well, how are they going to forbid us to create hypersonic weapons, let them be banned from the puppet UN, we both created them and will create them, the Americans too cunningly want to be, which cannot be created, we must be banned we are on their bans.

Anglo-Saxons can not be trusted. They have always been and will be our enemies.

And maybe Poseidon ban? Russia, too, to ban and disperse?

And the UN - became a puppet in the hands of Pindos (((((((((((((

rzhu no magician))) And the war is also impossible? Let the memorandum be immediately accepted by all of Sradрадp that it is forbidden to respond to the US attack and not to use bomb shelters, it is allowed only to catch their nuclear bombs by saying "Glory to America"

And when was the last time our Foreign Ministry not only demanded, but at least raised the question of the US non-compliance with the treaty on the destruction of chemical weapons? Over and over again they throw on the fan, and ours are only wiping and justifying themselves. Mead with reflection snails.

no need to negotiate with anyone. one must unilaterally do everything and unilaterally withdraw from the treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons

after the Warsaw Pact, why isn't the NATO bloc dissolved?
after the Soviet Union why not observe the United States of America? you are engaged there, this problem is more important.

after the Warsaw Pact, why isn't the NATO bloc dissolved?
after the Soviet Union why not observe the United States of America? you are engaged there, this problem is more important.

The Yankees in 30 have not destroyed chemical weapons --- violating contracts, MUST NOT TRUST.

Let these “comrades” first destroy their chemical weapons, then it will be possible to talk.

Zaprischyalka not yet grown from the United States to indicate that it is possible that it is impossible for RUSSIA to specify what to produce and what not to?

Chemical weapons are prohibited, phosphorus bombs are prohibited, but the United States and others like them are very actively using them and nothing, all for ...

We must ban aircraft carriers. For the defensive it does not apply.

Well, yes, crossbows also forbidden ...

It is not even supersonic.

Isn’t strategic nuclear weapons hypersonic?

correctly expressed

since they don’t have a hyper sound, they don’t have to, no one should, I’d look if the United States didn’t have it and others didn’t, ultimatums would fall down right away, and then they’ve also pulled here because it’s on the USA’s side and finances the majority of the USA and UN in the USA

It is not necessary to prohibit nuclear weapons (in their opinion) and to deliver an atomic charge using an ordinary rocket is possible, but using a hypersonic one is impossible. That's right, the classic said - The longer I live among people, the more I love dogs ....

And when they themselves create it immediately allowed. Well done! What a brazen nation!

Infectious clown disease spread from the outskirts of the UN and Pindos. What is behind, then they wanted to ban. Dreaming is not bad!

+++++ stands in solidarity !!!!!!

Late, my friend, late!
As the United Nations does not decree the United States, the United Nations does not decree Russia or China.