ICBM launch


The USA and Canada turned out to be naked from the attacks of Russia from the north - they forgot to place air defense

The United States is not ready to counter Russian missiles from the north.

American air and missile defense systems were completely useless in the event of an unexpected Russian strike from the north. As it turned out, only radar facilities are deployed in this direction, however, air defense and missile defense systems cannot serve in this region due to extremely unfavorable conditions and ultra-low temperatures.

“In case the Russians want to strike at the US through the Arctic, then America can say“ Welcome ”to the devastating Russian missiles. The nearest air and missile defense systems are located only in Alaska and Canada, and it is too late to intercept warheads at this distance. If we consider a strike with hypersonic weapons, then we probably will not know what happened at all ", - the specialist from the USA notes.

In turn, Russia views an attack on the United States through the Arctic as fundamental, since it will be the most operational.

It is known that the United States had previously tried to deploy numerous defense assets in the Arctic, but in critical conditions it was decided to abandon this. Obviously, to date, Washington has not yet managed to solve this problem. This allows Russia to dominate the United States of America.

if we were given real information, but this is impossible.


1.8% are only Russian enterprises.
If we count foreign enterprises on Russian territory, then in total, about 8% of world GDP is generated in Russia.
Moreover, this is real GDP, and not empty exchange rates. )
You understand, at a critical moment, all these foreign enterprises in Russia can instantly become Russian ...;)

It is interesting to observe the reaction of the liberals to the phrase "Russia dominates the United States"! ))) Yes, at least in something! And it's even funnier to hear a fairy tale about the US economy - a 100% inflated bubble and debt rent for generations of descendants in the United States ... Ponty played the role for 30 years, and now the bubble is deflating!
And by the way, Russia really dominates the United States not only in the Arctic.

It seems that a treaty on the limitation of missile defense was signed for that, so that there were holes in the defense and there were less temptations to start a war. And especially to limit the arms race.

Is that why you trumpeted this news again? Why are you helping the USA? After you have trumpeted this news to the whole world, naturally the US will cover its north. How much do you get paid to reveal secrets? And who pays? You probably work for the USA.

Not ah. Someone wants to dominate ...

22% of world GDP? And more than 30 trillion. debt (equivalent to the entire GDP) - a bankrupt country that regularly increases the ceiling of public debt, in which GDP is the paper capital of the stock markets, which is displayed only on the computer. There is something to envy, eh, Optimist? They only use the fact that they have 1 dollar equal to 1 dollar

Great news. Russia can now dominate the United States. This is in the case of an atomic (God forbid) war. In the meantime, the United States has 22% of world GDP, China has 18%, and Russia has 1,8% (one with shares). It might be more relevant to think about 34% of hospitals without hot water, about 33% of schools with toilets on the street?