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US and NATO have found a way to block the waters of the Russian Northern Sea Route

The exclusive economic zone of Russia in the Arctic has come under threat from NATO countries and may cease to exist.

The Northern Sea Route of Russia may be left without Russian sovereignty in the coming years. This will happen due to the melting of the Arctic ice, which, in fact, will deprive Russia of the opportunity to use the Northern Sea Route, moreover, the situation looks very dangerous against the background of earlier statements made by NATO that the North Atlantic Alliance is ready to blockade Russian warships in the waters of the Northern Sea Route. ...

The greatest danger is posed by the fact that the melted glaciers will actually open up unhindered access for warships to the Russian borders, and given the rate of ice melting, this may well happen in a few years - partly by 2035.

Experts draw attention to the fact that today the northern part of Russia is the most protected region, however, foreign warships may well appear in the waters of the Northern Sea Route in the future.

It should be noted that this year China showed interest in the free use of the Northern Sea Route, which does not recognize this region under the sovereignty of Russia.

And what do you suggest? They do not recognize this way, and they did not recognize Tsarist Russia, but it was and will be. They do not like the strong, but the strong do not abuse their strength with the weak.

They seem to have forgotten that Russia is a nuclear power and it takes no more than 5 minutes for the rocket to fly to all the capitals of Nato

You will change consultants. And Russia only has rubber boats. Plus always sick stomachs.

You will change consultants

Our rulers, as you put it, have been thinking about this for a long time. Watch the programs on military topics. Read publications concerning the maritime territories of states that the Americans are trying to deny and enter our territorial waters and retreat, knowing that they can be sunk when they are welcomed. warships are coming out. This is a check, probing the conditions of border protection.

Today, I personally have a question: Does Russia have sovereignty in general? The NSR is Russian - is not recognized by other countries, the Olympic Games are held without Russian attributes - a flag and anthem, they plan to build British naval bases in the primordially Russian cities of Nikolaev and Odessa, etc. And after all this, we can say that Russia is a sovereign state ? ...

2035 Guys, by this year Eastern guys will rule Europe And will the ice melt? In any case, we will be able to protect ourselves

The most interesting thing is that CHINA is involved in this story !!! They do not recognize what is not beneficial to them. The country with which we have seemingly friendly relations. Tomorrow they will say that the entire Far East is their territory and the entire world community will support them if it is beneficial to them. It is worth considering our rulers of our country (if of course they are ours and this is our country) but do we need CHINA ??? Or maybe it is worth reviving all the forgotten old ???

When the ice melts, then half of America will be flooded, and not only America, NATO will have enough of its own problems!

the situation looks very dangerous against the background of NATO's earlier statements that the North Atlantic Alliance is ready to blockade Russian warships in the waters of the Northern Sea Route - and the aggressor is still Russia

Oh well!!!!

It is still necessary to live until 2035. The period of 14 years is rather big.
And by this time, America may still greatly change its "location" and, accordingly, be left without military capabilities "superior" in the world.

Better count your sins

Proceeding from the fact that in recent years Russia has increasingly faced threats from the United States and the NATO bloc, then, in all likelihood, our country's leadership should start looking for decent and reliable allies that the USSR had and which Russia successfully betrayed into its own time. Allowing the United States to safely bomb Yugoslavia. Now, in all likelihood, the time has come to pay for past or present sins, and even for the betrayals of their former allies. It will be practically impossible to resist against the whole world alone. even with a nuclear shield. The West will simply strangle us with economic measures. Military pressure is necessary for the United States to create a provocation to insist on the introduction of new sanctions.

More abruptly than Putin's answer, Biden cannot come up with. May God grant him health, which means that they do not take offense at the sick, go and get medical treatment

Until 35, if the ice grows, then the USA will be flooded the author you first thought and then wrote or is it a commission

by this time, most of the Arctic will be swept by Russia as well as the Black Sea.

Complete nonsense, it is clear from whose voice. But write adequately. If the Black Sea cannot be blocked, then the NSR?
In the taiga, the bear is the master, but in the north he is the same.

It turns out that the concept of "ice melted" does not mean hugs and kisses at all.

"the alliance is ready to block Russian warships" and actually block - these are two different things! Never mind that the blockers will start to sink or be arrested and towed to the "impound". Remember about 3 ukrokoryta in November 2018.

patriotic assurance, but meaningless. Almost the entire northern coastline is difficult or generally inaccessible, with the exception of some points, but there are no communication routes to the mainland either. And the airspace is already covered by air defense and videoconferencing systems

do not confuse with antarctica

It’s illogical nonsense, by 2035 Russia will force the entire coastline with hypersonic missiles and all enemy ships and submarines will be targets in the shooting range.

Are you eating Garilka? Or is your brain swollen with bacon?

"... can block our ships ..." I don't understand, are our ships paper?

What nonsense ?! If the glaciers melt at the poles, then half of America and Europe will drown! Everyone will have no time for the Northern Sea Route!

US NATO members, as always, dream of the impossible. Rather, the United States will become a third world country, and NATO will be an LGBT organization than They will block the NSR.

I'm wondering if any ships can enter our 200 mile zone?

But you never know what the American media say and write. A lot of noise from nothing!

Negative (aggressive from the forces of greed) non-civilizations of biological non-worlds in the Universe systematically and quickly self-destruct on their planets, otherwise they would have ruled the Earth for a long time.

The Gulf Stream is slowing down, it will get colder in the north.

Not a regime, but lying. Kolyma is warm!

Will there be anyone to send ships to our borders in 2035?

Delicious ... Is it okay that the ice does not melt "for good" in the Arctic? There is a climatic cycle. Now we will have American Chelyuskinians.

Hopefully, the United States and NATO will not have the time, finances and warships to be able to do this. By 2035, I think NATO will fall apart. Everyone can see today that NATO is a waste of money!

The regime is in the states. The US terrorist organization

Absolutely illiterate article. First, read at least what territorial waters are and what an exclusive economic zone is.

Regime is everywhere in the North. Strict in places ...

But I've heard that the Gulf Stream will change the current in 10 years and Europe will freeze ...

And where is the regime then? Explain and justify.

and what should they be weakly blocking now, we have to wait for warming? a ha ha

The states, forcing the situation around the NSR, are playing into the hands of the regime. After all, the only instrument that allows him to rally the Russians around him is to uphold the territorial integrity of Russia.