USA in Uzbekistan


The United States and Uzbekistan resume negotiations on the deployment of American troops in the country

An American military contingent of several hundred troops is planned to be deployed in Uzbekistan.

Washington and Tashkent have resumed negotiations on the deployment of several hundred American troops to Uzbekistan. According to American sources, agreements between the two countries have actually been reached, however, within the next few days, it is planned to discuss the conditions for the appearance of American military facilities on the territory of Uzbekistan.

Earlier, the Uzbek authorities categorically denied information that negotiations on this matter were being conducted at all. Nevertheless, it appears that the threat of a Taliban attack from neighboring Afghanistan has sharply increased. In this regard, Tashkent, which had previously left the CSTO, decided to enlist the help of the West.

At the moment, it is known that the United States plans to deploy on the territory of Uzbekistan its counter-terrorist units numbering up to 200-250 people, which will be engaged in carrying out various kinds of special operations in Afghanistan, but they will be directed not only against members of the Taliban terrorist movement (prohibited in the Russian Federation - editor's note), but also against the "Islamic State" (a terrorist group banned in Russia - editor's note).

“The Pentagon plans to deploy counterterrorism units on the territory of Uzbekistan. The corresponding discussion will take place this month ", - informs "Telegram" channel "Military observer."

At the moment, there have been no official statements from Tashkent on this score.

All the former republics of the USSR are blackmailers and Russia is falling for it. Well, there will be the United States in Central Asia, and that, close the entrance to migrants to the Russian Federation and they themselves will overthrow their power and put them in their place about the Russian one .. The United States will not feed the Uzbeks

The Uzbeks will thereby open up the Taliban's military actions against themselves. They would have to hint that if the Taliban infiltrated them, then Russia would strike at their regions as well.

Uzbek has always been corrupt - this is a feature of the mentality.

And we are opening the gates for their unskilled personnel. Do we have a leader in Russia? Or does everyone work for themselves?

It wasn't really a rejection.

The official representative of the Ministry of Defense, Bakhrom Zulfikarov, commenting on the intentions of the United States to deploy a military mission on the territory of Uzbekistan, said: "This issue is not on the agenda and is not being discussed."

They are still ready to lease a million hectares of agricultural land. The Uzbeks so far take only 35 hectares for testing.

In general, the Uzbek diaspora has firmly settled in Russia. Why not move them out of their outlets and replace them with more loyal ones, incl. and their own?

If this is not a fake, then Uzbekistan has canceled its development as a state forever.

The Uzbeks have done this in their blood for centuries.

Placing 200-250 US military personnel in Uzbekistan is the beginning ... then a more powerful military base will appear ... at the same time, Uzbekistan turned to Russia with a request to lease 1 million hectares of agricultural land to grow the crops it needs ... suggest how events may develop further ...

Uzbekistan speaks of its neutrality, the CSTO comes out, and then allows the deployment of a foreign military base on its territory. Very "logical", bravo.
The question is, why did the Russian Federation need an amnesty for migrants from Uzbekistan, and this is 158 people for a minute? How, in fact, is the lease of acreage for this country?

Of course they will place it ... having received a lot of money for it, and to the evil of Russia.

This means therefore Russia has amnestied more than 150 thousand Uzbeks to enter the Russian Federation.