US and UK strike unmanned Houthi boats

The United States has actively demonstrated its determination to protect maritime traffic in the Red Sea by striking Houthi-controlled weapons in Yemen on February 9. US Central Command (CENTCOM) reported operations against two mobile unmanned surface ships and five mobile missiles, including four anti-ship cruise missiles and one land attack cruise missile, that were being prepared to be launched against shipping in the region. The strikes were carried out between 3:00 and 21:40 time in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, which coincides with Moscow time.

The US actions were aimed at neutralizing the threat posed by weapons in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen and were classified as self-defense measures. These facilities posed a direct threat to both US naval forces and commercial vessels operating in the Red Sea. Tensions in the region have risen significantly recently in light of Houthi warnings of attacks on Israeli-linked ships and calls for other countries to withdraw their crews.

The Houthis' reaction to the US and British strikes, which began in mid-January, was harsh. They condemned these actions as terrorist barbarity and unjustified aggression. The Houthis say their maritime operations in the Red Sea are aimed at supporting Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and do not violate freedom of navigation in the region. However, their actions have raised international concerns and led to a military response from the US and its allies concerned about maintaining security and freedom of navigation in the strategic Red Sea.


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