US scared to test F-35 against C-400 in Turkey

Washington was afraid to test the F-35 fighter against the C-400 in Turkey.

Contrary to Turkey’s expectations that the United States will test the acquired Russian C-400 system with one of its best combat fighters, Washington refused to take such steps, believing that this would pose a serious threat to national interests. In fact, according to experts, Washington is aware that if the F-35 fails tests against the C-400, no other country in the world will buy these combat aircraft, while the Russian Triumphs will begin to appear everywhere.

The mixed reaction of the American side clearly indicates the fact that the US either realizes the threat posed by the Russian C-400, or has already witnessed that the American F-35 fighters were useless against the Triumph air defense system, which, by the way, has been repeatedly declared by the Russian military.

There are no official comments from the United States so far, but the day before, US President Donald Trump unexpectedly announced that the United States would not supply its fighters to Turkey, and Ankara could begin negotiations with either Russia or Turkey, while responding that against Turkey additional sanctions will be imposed for the acquisition of Russian weapons.

Ankara to negotiate with Turkey? Do you re-read what you wrote there before publishing articles?