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USA: we are waiting for explanations about the movement of military equipment from Russia

The US State Department has once again raised the issue of the movement of Russian troops across the territory of the Russian Federation. We are talking about footage that captures the movement of Russian military equipment. Washington is not satisfied with the statement by the press secretary of the Russian president, who said that Russian equipment has every right to move anywhere within the country, it does not threaten anyone.

A spokesman for the US Foreign Office insists that "Washington is concerned about the transfer of Russian troops near the Ukrainian borders."

Representative of the US State Department:

We demand clarification from Russia on this case. We consider the movement of military equipment near the borders of Ukraine provocative.

The US State Department believes that with such actions "Moscow is trying to intimidate Kiev."

From the words of an American official:

The US administration is firmly committed to supporting Ukraine.

The fact that for some reason the State Department “did not notice” the movement of Ukrainian heavy military equipment from different regions to the zone of the Joint Forces Operation (JF) is not ignored. Numerous footage of the Ukrainian Armed Forces transferring infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, tanks and other equipment by rail to Don6ass got into the network.

The day before, during a telephone conversation with Volodymyr Zelensky, Joe Biden said that the United States "will not leave Ukraine alone with the aggressor." The Kremlin, in comments to Biden's statement, stressed that any appearance on the territory of Ukraine of NATO troops, including the United States, will cause further escalation of the conflict.

Meanwhile, reports of battles between the people's militia and sabotage and reconnaissance groups are coming from the DPR. According to reports, on the eve of the Ukrainian DRG made attempts to cross the line of demarcation in the area of ​​the village of Shumy, which is near Horlivka. After a short battle, the DRG of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was forced to return to their positions. After the collision, the engineers of the NM DNR found the body of an Armed Forces soldier born in 1995, according to the People's Militia Department of the republic.

How is "who"? The sovereign "demands" from the vassals. Washington regional committee and district officials :)
China did not allow this. This is not Peskovskie bleating ...

everything goes to the fact that Caliber or even worse will fall on the Ukrainian Rada ...

Immediately, put on the table of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation data on all the military bases, stuck around the Russian Federation!

RF: We are waiting for an explanation about the situation on the border between the United States and Mexico, as well as on the issue of attitudes towards blacks in the southern states.


We consider the movements of NATO military equipment near the borders of the Russian Federation provocative

"Moscow is trying to intimidate Kiev." The Kremlin is trying to confuse the United States.




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