The United States began to massively deport Russians who arrived in the United States during partial mobilization in Russia

The United States resumed the deportation of Russian citizens.

At the moment, it is known that the first in line for deportation from the United States of America are those citizens of the Russian Federation who arrived in the country during the period of partial mobilization announced on the territory of Russia, and, apparently, the deportation will be one of the most massive .

At the moment, there are no official statements in this regard. However, it is noteworthy that about a year ago, the United States announced that the suspension of deportation was caused by the political situation in Russia. This obviously indicates that Washington considered that now it is no longer advisable to keep citizens of the Russian Federation in the United States.

“The Biden administration has quietly resumed deportations to Russia in a clear reversal of a position taken… a little over a year ago when such deportations were suspended.”, according to The Guardian.

According to various estimates, only within the next few months, thousands of citizens of the Russian Federation who were illegally in the United States may be deported from the United States.

Hé bien, desolé pour ces traitres, mais ça leur va bien !!

Ils ont choisi "l'Amérique et la Liberté" : ils en découvrent à leurs frais la réalité...



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