The United States began supplying Ukraine with weapons that even the Pentagon does not yet have

The United States is supplying Ukraine with weapons that the American army does not yet have.

Ukraine, in fact, has become a testing ground for American weapons. Moreover, a variety of types of weapons and ammunition are often used, which are carefully monitored by American specialists in order to either improve such weapons or abandon them. Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Gavrilov said that US military companies can use the conflict in Ukraine to test their pilot projects, and a number of firms are already doing this.

What kind of weapons are in question is still unknown, however, these are small arms, and new ammunition options, and according to a number of reports, even new missile weapons. This points to the fact that the US has an interest in keeping the conflict in Ukraine going as long as possible.

The fact that prototypes of American weapons and weapons that have not even entered service with the American army could be used in Ukraine became known back in July of this year, as stated by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov, who invited Western arms manufacturers to test new types of weapons against Russian weapons.